About Us

Our Story

Having tirelessly worked to achieve the successes in the primary school, our directors did not stop there and envisioned a larger Rockfields community. With the experience of building an institution from the ground up, they brought with them the knowledge and best practices to identify a prime area in the heart of Kiserian and finally establish a boys’ secondary school in 2016 that offers the 8-4-4 curriculum.

With ample space for development, the school has some of the best facilities in the industry with modern classes, dining areas, dormitories, and sporting arenas. Rockfields began with a small class of form 1s and has rapidly grown to offer all classes and become an established high school. The school had its first candidate class in 2018 and their great performance has set the standard for our future successes.


Our mission is to create open minded individuals who are independent both in thought and action. We have created an environment that is both supportive and challenging demanding excellence in all areas.

To achieve this, we imitate our system of development from that of the eagle which is our proud logo bearer: